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Features for C-Suite Executives


Time to market
Speed is everything

Customers will not wait when they have so many options available, and omni-channel self-serve is the battleground of digital transformation.

As strange as it sounds: the last thing in the world you want, is for developers to be the ones building those omni-channel apps. You don’t have enough of them, and they don’t understand the business.

Use Neonto to create an application factory:
Developers make app builders, and business units use them.

Control your own destiny

Third party solutions are fine for applications that are below the waterline, but when it comes to competitive advantages, a company needs full ownership.

Unlike other no-code platforms that write the code for you, Neonto is a toolkit that leverages your code, and you keep full ownership.

Make it or break it

Customer loyalty is drivien by the quality of the customer experience you provide. Every software defect, every operational failure, is a loss of revenue, not just for today, but for tomorrow and forever.

With Neonto, software is fully tested and dubugged before being used to assemble an application.

Applications created using Neonto are production ready “out of the box”.


SOP 98-1
We understand

Being able to capitalize software for internal use is a great thing for EDITDA and the balance sheet. 

But the stage-gate project management process that accompanies it is heavy and expensive. 

Not only is there 10-20% project management overhead, but Gate 3 preparations for treasury approval can often consume between 30-50% of the available IT budget.

There is a better way…

It is a beautiful thing

Switching to an industrial process clearly separates the re-useable (and therefore capitalizable) product of the the IT department, and the operational costs of the business (design, maintenance, training, etc.)

When your developers are writing only generic software components for functions that are consumed by all corporate apps capitalization is not difficult to justify and costs of compliance and audit will plummet.

Cost Duplication
Stop the bleeding

Right now, you are paying developers to write the same code over and over again. 

Your customers and shareholders are already demanding to know why you cannot write apps that “just work”. Google and Netflix can.

Of course Google and Netflix can afford to hire the very best programmers in the world.

Your company needs to adopt industrial practices that make it possible to produce high quality products with semi-skilled labor.



Thought Leadership
Don’t be a laggard

No-code is here to stay. Don’t wait for the villagers to come waving pitchforks. Get out in front of this.

Any IT executive that thinks this will just go away will find themselves in the same posi-tion newspaper executives are in today. 

Those guys were feeling pretty smug not too long ago. They had an answer for everything. They knew what time it was. They were on top of it, and the Internet was not a threat.

Don’t be like the newspaper guys.

Be Customer Driven…
…not cost driven

Your traditional craft production techniques cannot scale. So you turn away between 40% and 60% of the development requests that come from the business; because you have to.

By industrializing, you remove the constraint of needing more master programmers to make more apps. Outsourcers are more easily managed.

When an auto manufacturer wants to build more cars, they do not hire more engineers, they scale up the automated production line.

Be like an auto manufacturer.

Go Toe to Toe…
… and win!

All of the no-code solutions the business will attempt to bring in-house are flawed.

They lock you in to their toolchain and/or infrastructure, and many try to impose per-user charging models that just aren’t sustainable at enterprise scale.

Neonto is a non-disruptive toolkit with which you can build an in-house no-code solution that is superior in every way to any third-party solution.

With your own no-code platform, you will have complete control over quality, security, and costs.


Internal is Better
Don’t forget about the data

No-code solutions are highly attractive. Just the thought of being able to produce all the apps you really need to compete – instead just a handful that go through a seemingly never-ending treasury approval process – is almost too good to be true.

Like most things: there some catches. One of them is data. 

Many no-code solution force you to use their back-ends, and none of them make it easy to connect to enterprise and legacy back-ends.

Using a no-code solution owned by your own IT department solves these problems.

Stand Out
Don’t blend into the background

Another catch to no-code is the one-size-fits-all nature of a third party solution.

Is your corporate website built on a WordPress template? Or do you have web designers on staff to make sure your website is distinctive and unique?

Most no-code solutions are template driven. The ones that aren’t tend to have a look-alike aspect because they are “write-once, run-anywhere” technology that uses the same code for all platforms, and gives everything the same look.

With an in-house no-code solution, your best app features would be unique.

Leverage Talent
Knowledge is power

Although not every single person in the IT department is a superstar, every company has a few key developers who are irreplaceable for their knowledge of the business and its needs.

An in-house solution puts these masters in the drivers seat, and it ensures that every project can benefit from their expertise, compared to today when they can work on only one project at a time.

Automobile manufacturers do not take their best engineers and designers and have them building one car at a time. That would be crazy! Why do we do exactly that with software development?


Business rules
The last mile

You have (or are are looking at) BPM solutions so that you can modify business rules yourselves, and they are great, but they still have to be integrated into the front-end, and you are right back behind the eight-ball. 

Front-ends built with Neonto can be safely modified by the same team that updates the business rules giving you immediate turn-around.

Data Integrity
Protect what matters most

You are the one left to deal with the wreckage when a rogue app leaves a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

With Neonto, data connectors are fully tested and debugged before they are put into the ends of users. 

They are programmed once, and they are programmed right.  Say good by to newbie programmers learning through trial and error… on your data.

The Pace of Business
Business not bureaucracy

Your call center and other operational teams work on the form lines of the customer relationship in a dynamic an ever-changing environment.

Waiting weeks or months for an IT project to be approved and carefully project managed to completion puts unimaginable stress on the organization and hits on the bottom line.


Not quantity

Attracting and retaining top IT talent is an almost impossible task in todays hyper-competitive environment.

Traditional software development processes and techniques make it essential to have one or more master programmers involved in a project from start to finish, to have any hope of success.

The demand for these master programmer far outstrips the supply, putting your organization at a sever competitive disadvantage.

Outsourcers recruiting en masse for diploma factories is no substitute for quality, and it shows in the results.

Neonto can be productively used by inexperienced and/or less talented programmers who can work with BAs and Designers to produce apps without placing an unfair burden of required knowledge upon them.

Attract Talent
Superior working conditions

Sure foosball and nerf guns can be fun, but what serious master developers want is something more substantial:

They want to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the business, while exercising their creativity by tackling new challenges.

Unfortunately for traditional enterprise, the vast majority of development work to be done is repetitive and unoriginal – yet still requires great expertise and close attention to detail. What a combination!

Providing the opportunity to build an advanced software product (a no-code platform whose entire raison-d’etre is to remove repetitive low-value  tasks from the programmer’s life) is a great way to attract top talent with an assurance of fresh challenges and meaningful contributions.

Huge savings 

Another killer combination is that of highly repetitive work performed under enormous time pressures, and a chaotic environment where dozens of teams, working for multiple vendors, engage in a continual battle of finger pointing and blame-storming.

Stress related burn-out is the primary cause of employee departures in IT. 

With Neonto, work is focused on plug-ins; discrete packages of generic functionality. These “projects” rarely take more than a few days, or weeks at the most, This creates a sense of momentum, progress and above all attainable success. Neonto support SMART goals much better than any traditional way of programming.

Tedious minor changes in an app, such moving a button a few pixels to the left, is handled by the business directly, leaving programmer free to focus on “serious” tasks.

Features for Business Managers

Get it Right
No more broken telephone

You know your business, and you know your customers needs. 

However communicating what you know to IT is time consuming and error prone. It is simply amazing how many different ways someone can understand something that you thought was crystal clear!

Why depend upon a programmer to understand requirements written by a business analyst who got the requirements in a 1 hour interview with a manager?

Get it Fast
As fast as you can go

When all of the code is already written, the only limit is how fast you and your team can go. 

No more waiting on IT, When you are happy with your app, and your customers are happy with it too, it ready for production.

With Neonto, the business can create apps for themselves. Creating screens, putting data on screen, or collecting it, moving from one screen to another, is all as easy as drawing it in PowerPoint.

Get it All
The handcuffs are off 

If you are like most business manager in large corporations, only 30-50% of your development requests pass treasury approval.

Treasury approval, Gate 3, Portfolio management, these are the names people give the process of deciding which projects IT will do on this year.

If instead of doing projects one at time, IT built a no-code platform using Neonto, every business manager could self-serve for their development needs.

Features for IT Managers

Predictability is Possible
Small is beautiful

The main reasons for missing budget and timelines in IT projects are unclear or constantly changing requirements and delays in getting sign-offs.

With Neonto, you are not building apps end-to-end (with all of the uncertainties that come along with that). You are maintaining and evolving a single platform that the business uses to make their apps.

Most development jobs are oriented around plug-in that take only days, or at most a few weeks, to program and test. These jobs are much easier to estimate, and much easier to schedule.

Industrial Defect Rates
How do they do it?

Typical IT project defect rates are 15,000 to 50,000 dpm (defects per million) in lines of code.

Industrial defect rates are normally in the 300 to 1,000 dpm range  and Six Sigma shops regularly get as low as 3 or 4 dpm!

The “secret” of these low rates is actually just common sense: industrially manufactured products are designed and debugged once, at the beginning, and factories are tooled to stamp out identical product one after another. 

Neonto is the tooling for your software factory. When you first develop a plug-in, the defect rate will be 10,000 – 15,000 dpm, but when that plug-in gets used in 10 apps, the effective defect rate as measured per lines of shipped code will drop to a 10th of that.

Make 20 apps and the defect rate drops to a 20th.

Make 100 and you are in Six Sigma territory.

Success Feels Good
And end to IT project failure

How many times have you seen a project completed because of heroic team efforts, only to have recognition delayed or even forgotten, because you or your boss wanted to “just wait a little while to make sure” before celebrating? 

The reaction is understandable, but it is difficult to maintain morale in an environment where sponsoring executives consider less than half of IT projects to be a clear, untainted success.

Neonto turns IT into a factory that produces and maintains a no-code platform, and putting individual project access of failure in the hands of the business unit makes it so much easier to have control over your own destiny and succeed.

Features for Developers

Your Code is Safe
No more code conflicts 

Every DevOps savvy programmer knows that cleaning your kitchen every day is so much easier than trying to clean it once a month.

However corporate inertia is almost impossible to overcome, and  even if you deliver in two week sprints, deployment windows are limited with dozens of projects  trying to squeeze in, creating chaos and pandemonium.

Most of this is due to stage-gate (waterfall) project management processes and in particular down-to-the-wire integration testing and staging as every project tries to squeeze just one more day of development.

With Neonto, code is well encapsulated, making conflicts rare to start with, and code is written and tested long before being used to create/assemble an app.

“Real” Programming
Get rid of boilerplate

So much of what developers have to do these days is simply “gluing” different bits of code together.

“Real” programming – in the sense of writing new algorithms or functions or objects – is why you became a programmer in the first place.

Moving a button over 6 pixels or adding an analytics tag or changing the tab order of the entry fields on the order screen is not really what gets you out of bed in the morning. 

Neonto lets Business Analysts and Designers do these things for themselves, leaving you to do real programming.

Agile at Last
Making the promise come true

As a programmer and logical thinker nothing could be clearer to you than the benefits of Agile development.

However business does not think in sprints. They want results on a certain date and they want you to “sign in blood.”

With Neonto, the business is responsible for meeting its own delivery dates. Programmers write plugins for specific requested functionality. Plugins normally take only a few days or weeks to write and test.

Project managing a 3 day development job makes no sense, Neonto promotes Agile practices by default.

Features for Designers

Design in 4D
Apps have more than 2D

Tools like Photoshop are stalwarts and Sketch is awesome, but…

These are 2D design tools, and apps live in a 4D world. Ergonomics add the 3rd dimension, and the way the program state changes over time adds the 4th.

Arrows and notes and callouts can never really communicate the subtleties of application design with is why we use tools like and InVision.

Get Real
Prototypes are not the real thing

However prototypes are not production code. Not only will real code act differently in some cases – in other cases what you have designed simply can’t be programmed on time or on budget.

With Neonto, you have the same UI as in the tools you know and love, but when you design you are using live production ready code. So whatever you see not only can be programmed – it already has been!

Don’t hold back 

By designing in the actual production “material” you never have to worry if you are designing something too complicated or expensive. If you can build it and test it, it is by definition possible.

That feeling of never having to wonder is unlimited freedom. 

Unleash your creative spirit and soar to new heights.

Features for Business Analysts

Show it…

Ambiguity in requirements is one of our principal challenges. 

Visual prototypes help, but prototypes cannot help discover issues with production data that need special consideration or reveal idiosyncrasies in back-end logic and processes. 

Neonto is a step up from visual prototypes. It allows you to review a customer journey along with your business sponsor using real production data coming from real (staging or test) beck-ends. 

…Know it

Early involvement in the process forces BAs to deal with many unknown  factors

Delays in approvals, budget constraints, competing projects, all can have negative impact on your carefully crafted requirements, and lead to a degradation of the relationship with the business sponsor.

Since all the code in Neonto is already coded and production approved and ready to deploy, any app you can design in the Studio is a sure thing! 

No/low cost to change 

Change requests are budget and timeline killers.

Imagine being able to make changes in flow, screen organization, show/hide fields, add data sources, send different parameters to back-ends, all without need to create a change request and get an estimate from the developers!

Neonto gives you that power, and more.

Keep up with the pace of business.