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Time to market

Time to market

Getting your apps into the marketplace before your competition makes all the difference. We live in a world where customer loyalty is driven by customer experience, and customer experience is increasingly driven by apps.

Whether it is a backend app used in the call center, or a mobile app used by a customer, it impacts the customer’s experience, and the truth of the matter is: that experience is too often fragmented and incoherent.


Accessibility is increasingly a concern.

And no where does the current limitations and weakness of Enterprise IT stand out more than in making websites and apps accessible.

With Neonto, websites and apps have accessibility baked in. WCAG, ADA, 509, AODA compliance made easy.

The problem with craft production

The problem with craft production

If shoes were still made this way there would be a world-wide shoe shortage. Also the quality of shoes would be pretty inconsistent, to put it nicely.

Only the rich would have decent, well-made shoes. This was, in fact the case before the Industrial Revolution.

Today, of course, over 20 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured every year using modern techniques. Adidas is starting to fully automate their production.

Craft product cannot scale

Craft product cannot scale

It is amazing that Information Technology – the industry we consider to be the most advanced – is 100 years behind the shoemakers.

Programming today is not even as advanced as Henry Ford’s production lines in the early twentieth century.

For a software application development project to succeed, it must have one or more master programmers see it through from start to finish.

If this seems normal to you, step back and think about the fact that every day you trust your life to complex technology (cars, or microwaves for example) that were built by workers who likely do not have more than a high school diploma.

If we can use robots to build cars that have thousands of moving parts, and are safer and more luxurious than hand built cars from 100 years ago, we can learn to build software that way too.

Sea Change

a radical or marked change ; a transformation; a paradigm shift…

…especially one which affects a group or society at large

AI is the future

AI is the future

Some machines are smart, and some are not. The key to industrialization is the smart ones.

A food processor chops vegetables quickly, but a master sushi chef would shudder at the randomness. Food processors are dumb.

Rice cookers make better rice than most us will ever be able to make on a stovetop. Even master sushi chefs use them. Rice cookers are smart.

Neonto is a rice cooker for apps.

The importance of Design and Engineering

Automating does not mean getting rid of the programmers.

For that rice cooker to be as good as it is, a team of industrial designers and engineers have to work hard before the production line starts.

The same thing is true of Industrializing IT. You will still need your best programmers, but instead of wasting their talent on firefighting and rescuing troubled projects, you need them to build software components that can be assembled like lego blocks by you and your designers, using Neonto.

The importance of Design and Engineering

Easy to use

When code is correctly packaged as components, assembling it is as easy as making things with Lego™.

IT Friendly

All of the other no-code tools are no-go with the IT department because they take away control and security. Only Neonto gives the IT department complete control.

Production Ready

Because the code is fully tested and debugged before you use it, your apps are production ready as soon as they are made.