For IT Professionals

IT needs the right tools to compete

In many companies, Business is always seeking solutions to bypass IT.

So called “no-code” or “low-code” solutions are a very real source of shadow IT.

IT needs the right tools to compete

What is your no-code strategy?

Get in front of it

If you do not have one, your business units will make one for you. Don’t make yourself the “Department of No”.

Give the business what it wants without compromising quality or security. Be part of the solution.

Use Neonto to create an in-house no-code solution that is superior in every way to 3rd party solutions.

Get in front of it
Overcome the budget problem

Overcome the budget problem

As an IT professional, you are well aware of the problem: siloed business units force you to work on one project at a time. Proposals to combine requirements into re-useable code components are rejected out-of-hand because each business unit is looking out for themselves.

3rd party no-code platforms are unacceptable for quality and security reasons. But the demand is a golden opportunity.

Get the budget to create an internally controlled no-code solution using Neonto. Do the thing you have been trying to do for years: write re-useable components.

How it Works

The heart of Neonto is the Design Compiler. It takes two inputs.

  1. Application Description Language (ADL) files are created by Business Analysts and Designers using the visual Studio UI. ADF is language agnostic (we will describe it in greater detail below).
  2. Native Code Components (NCC) which application primitives like lists, searches, maps, anything you can dream of. Each component contains detailed directives for how it is to be inserted into the source code project. Multiple NCCs can be combined into one plugin which means that a single  project to be exported to multiple targets.

The Design compiler assembles the NCCs into a source code project specific to the target. For example for an iOS target it creates an Xcode project, for React, it creates a Webpack module.

How it Works

This architecture is superior to that of other no-code/low-code tools.

Neonto empowers the IT department. It leverages your existing toolchain and pipeline to help you build an in-house no-code solution. It fits right in.

Continue to use existing IDE and Editors.

Continue using your existing source code control system and CI and orchestration tools.

Total Control

Unlike other no-code solutions, Neonto gives you total control and visibility on all source code used in an app. Security audits are a breeze. If you don't like the way something is implemented: just change it.

Minimal Learning Curve

Because you keep all of your existing tools there is very little learning curve.

It is basically just like learning any other API or SDK.

Totally Agile

Because they are design "primitives", most NCCs take only a few days to create and test. It simply makes no sense to manage a dozen 4-day development tasks as a project with a PM. Agile is built-into using Neonto.